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Sunday, March 26, 2006

BBC Talks to Dr. Fitness a.k.a. "Dr. Adam Shafran"

If you want to hear me talk to the BBC, go to the website, www.drfitnessandthefatguy.com and click on "meet the doctor." Scroll down to the middle of my biography and click on the link!! I chatted with them about "The Fat Man Walking," our buddy, Steve Vaught, who is walking across the country looking for the best Jewish Deli....Just Kidding Steve!!! Steve is a true inspiration and has been a guest on our show. Go to his web site www.thefatmanwalking.com to learn about his journey!!!!! Check out our radio show this week. We have Tom Brown from Lesser Evil snacks, a really cool company, with unbelievable kettle corn. Check them out at www.lesserevil.com .We also have attorney, inventor, do-gooder, Karen Nadler-Sachs on our show and she is going to share with us how she lost 85 lbs. Don't miss this!!!!!

Friday, March 24, 2006

Check Out Dr. Fitness' Friends And Their Cool Web Sites

We had a great show this past week! Check out my buddy, Chris Cone at www.bodyconceptsofatlanta.com He is a Neurostructural Therapist who specializes is difficult injuries due to trauma and repetitive overuse injuries. Another Guest, Lou Schuler, has a web site called www.louschuler.com "Male Pattern Fitness, The official weblog of the american obesity epidemic." Lou, the former Fitness Director for "Men's Health" magazine, also has a new book out called The New Rules of Lifting. Dont forget to check out one of Dr. Fitness' Favorite web sites www.hungry-girl.com, an amazing web site filled with lots of low- calorie snacks and great nutrition and food info. You can catch Lisa Lillien, "The Hungry Girl" on the show "Extra," periodically and in "People" magazine . She is a cutie!!!!!!

Sunday, March 19, 2006

Study Links Atkins, Possible Health Risk! Tony Soprano Says Fuggetaboutit!

Dr. Adam Shafran Debunks Weightlifting Myths!!!!

These are some of the most common exercise myths related to strength training:
1.High reps for endurance, low reps for strength.
2.Free weights make you more cut than machines.
3.I lift weights and do it at a fast pace, I don’t have to do cardiovascular work? 4.If I lift weights I will lose flexibility and sports like tennis, golf, basketball will affect performance negatively?
1. Stength and endurance are directly related. If I increase strength, I increase endurance. The opposite is true as well. You can also train with high reps and increase strength and you can train with low reps and increase endurance. 2. Resistance is resistance; our bodies don't know the difference between a gallon of water and a dumbell. 3. Cardiovascular exercise has to be have several components in order to gain all of the positive adaptations that the heart gets from training. (sustained elevation of your heart rate for a prolonged period of time , several times/week) Unless you are lifting and doing it non-stop where your heart rate doesn't plummet like a stone and you are doing it for at least 30 minutes, hit the road jack! 4. rackets sports or sports that require finesse and strength at the same time require learned motor patterns. Lifting a weight cannot negatively affect those motor patterns!

Monday, March 13, 2006

Training For Strength or Endurance: Dr.Adam Shafran aka "Dr. Fitness" Asks What's The Difference!

It always makes me giggle when I am asked about the difference between training for strength vs. endurance. "I usually get the usual response if you want to get stronger and bulk up, do more weight less repetitions, and if you want to get leaner do more repetitions less weight for endurance training. This is total nonsense!!!! Yes, you heard it here from Dr. Fitness but I am not the only one giving you the real skinny. A fellow colleague from Princeton University and Rutgers University grad, Matt Brzycki, explains this myth best in this month's "Fitness Management" magazine.

"Actually, muscular endurance and muscular strength are directly related. If lifters increase their musculara endurance, they'll also increase their muscular strength.

Here's an example: one way to measure muscular strength is have clients perform one repetition with a maximum amount of weight (known as a "one-repetition maximum" or "1-RM"); one way to measure muscular endurance is to have clients complete as many repetitions as possible with a sub-maximum amount of weight. Now, suppose that your client's 1-RM is 100 lbs (muscular strength) and he can perform 10 repetitions with 75 lbs. (muscular endurance). And after several months of training with high repetitions 8 -12 suppose that he's progressed to the point where he can lift 90 lbs. for 10 repetitions. Given the fact that he increased the amount of weight he could lift for 10 repetitions by 20% - from 75 to 90lbs. - it's likely that his 1 -RM will now be greater than his previous effort of 100lbs. So, even though he trained with high repetitions, he increased his muscular strength.

It works the other way, as well. If clients increase their muscular strength, they'll also increase their muscular endurance. Here's why: As they get stronger, clients need fewer muscle fibers to sustain a sub-maximum effort (muscular endurance). This also means that they have a greater reserve of muscle fibers available to extend the sub-maximum effort."

So the next time someone says bulk up with more weight less reps, tell them to close the refrigerator and stop eating more because when strength train you increase endurance and strength together not apart!!!

Sunday, March 05, 2006

Dr. Shafran's AKA "Dr. Fitness" Sure Fire Recipes To Keep You Leaner Than Tony Soprano!!!

Okay, I'm no cook...That is for sure!!! So my idea of great meals are one's that you can prepare quick enough to not eat it all before it is done being prepared!!! Here are two quick, easy, healthy, and very tasty ideas: Terrific Tuna (No cooking needed) 1. Starkist Hickory smoked tuna, 1 chopped onion, 1 chopped green pepper, capers, 1/2 fresh avocado, 1/2 cup of crunchy noodles, black or green olives, 1 can of chopped hearts of palm. Mix it together and you've got one fine fillin' healthy meal!!! Perfect Puntanesca Pasta (Cooking needed) 2. take any 4 big tomatoes and chop'em up, olive oil, 1 onion, 1/2 clove of fresh garlic, several basil leaves, black olives, 1 green pepper, 1 red pepper, capers. Cook on a low flame till tomatoes are fully dissolved into a sauce, add the pasta and you've got a meal that momma would be proud!!!

Calcium Not As Protective As Once Believed

Don't Throw away your calcium supplement just yet but a seven-year study of 36,282 women ages 50 to 79 gave half the participants 1,000 milligrams of calcium and 400 units of vitamin D. The study showed better hip bone density in the group given supplements, but they ranked no better statistically in avoiding fractures of all kinds. The biggest study ever of calcium and vitamin D supplements for older women showed they offered only limited protection against broken bones, raising questions over what has been an article of faith among doctors and nutritionists