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Monday, February 26, 2007

Dr. Fitness Gives Three Thumbs Up To FRS Antioxidant Drink, World Class Trainer Tom Holland, And Martin Scorsese

I hate when I have to do our radio show not in the studio with the Fat Guy and the lovely Kathie Larkin especially when we have two great guests like we did last night!! Dick Lamb, from FRS, The makers of a great antioxidant energy drink, came on our show first and he was involved with creating "Balance Bar" and turning it into a huge success. He appeared on our show while being at the "Tour De California" cycling event. I tried the lemon-lime and although I typically don't like artificial sweeteners, this one I did like. They also have full calorie beverages and the best thing about their products is that they contain catechins, pronounced "Kat i Kins," and quercetin, which have very strong anti oxidant properties that prevent the damage from free-radicals. Apparently they also have a product that is designed for the bedroom as well!!! FRS 1000, an extract of red onion peel, strongly inhibits phosphodiesterase 5A, which is implicated in erectile dysfunction!!!! I haven't tried this one and let's hope I don't have to!!!!! You can find out more about their products at WWW.FRS.Com and they also have free samples to try from their web site. I highly recommend you at least try them!!!!!

Tom Holland joined us later in the show and this guy is one fit dude!!!!! Also very prolific. He has a radio show, DVD series, Clothing line, Books, and also finds the time to swim, bike, run and also dabbled into the world of Bodybuilding. Check out his web site at WWW.TeamHolland!!!! You will love his DVD's Tom Holland's Total Body Workout and Tom Holland Ab Workout as they were shot in real time and he is sweating up a storm and drinks enough water to take on the titanic!!!! The AB DVD really does a good job at focusing on core stabilizing exercises which are great for the lower back and stomach!!!! Just be ready to sweat and work!!!!

Congrats to Marty Scorsese for finally making a movie worthy of an Oscar!!!! Just kidding, Marty. He has been snubbed for so long and has been making fantastic movies for so long like Taxi Driver, Goodfellas, Casino. I hope when he comes to Atlanta, he included Dr. Fitness and The Fat Guy in his next film and will work him out, Jersey Style!!!!!

Yesterday, I had the wonderful opportunity to fly twice because once is not enough for a guy who hates to fly as much as I do!!!! I went to NJ for the weekend for my beautiful niece, Sydney, to celebrate her "Sweet 16." She looked amazing!!!! I took my wonderful lady, Nanci, along and we had a blast. I have not flown in a small jet in a long time and now I know why!!! I am the biggest baby when it comes to flying!!!!!

Monday, February 19, 2007

Dr. Fitness Gives Thumbs Up To Lisa Drayer's New Book, Jennifer Kries' Pilates Workout, and Jones Soda!!!!

The Fat Guy and I had to work a little harder last night since we had three cool guests rather than our normal two. Our first guest Gregg Todd, www.fatguyblog.com is blogging about his weight loss journey and everything along the way....the losses, the gaines, the plateaus, cool new food products he may enjoy, interesting articles. I love these blogs because I really do think they help people lose weight by staying connect with other people and accountable to other people. We talked to him last night and thought you might enjoy what he had to say....especially about his pet goat!!!!! Hey, He lives in Tennebama(Somewhere close to Tennessee and Alabama)

Registered Dietician and Hottie, Lisa Drayer, author of "Strong, Slim, And 30," a wonderful
new read and great resource of information, was our second guest and she did not disappoint with great practical tips from her new book especially about how what we eat affects our skin complexion. Check out her web site at www.lisadrayer.com for more information about contacting her as well.

Our last guest was the most surprising, in a very good way, America's #1 Pilates instructor, Jennifer Kries joined us and after watching her DVD's, I know why she's #1. They are awesome and never watch DVD's to exercise. She has a bunch of them and I love how she incorporates the asian influence of healing and well-being into them. The DVD's are done in high quality with multiple camera angles to make them moving along, visually appealing, and it doesn't hurt that Jennifer is quite easy on the eyes!!!!!You will learn a lot like I did and will keep popping them back into the DVD player. She has a Hot Body Cool Mind Series plus many others but this is the one I checked out. Also check out her web site www.jenniferkries.com for more info and if you live in Philadelphia, she has a private studio there called Hot Body Cool Mind, The Studio. So eat go there work out and grab a philly cheese steak on the way out!!!!!

I tried Jones Soda for the first time upon Lee's(The Fat Guy) request. They are ones who have pictures of actual consumers on their soda. Good Stuff....I tried the Root Beer and Cream Soda. It rocked!!!!!! Yes, Dr. Fitness drinks soda, not often and not a lot but in moderation like I tell all of my listeners and patients. So, if you come across any so-called fitness experts that say they don't eat chocolate or pizza or drink soda or french fries, just remember, they are full of shit!!!!!! Moderation is the key, my friends!!!!! Stay away from the all or none groups!!!!!

Check out the show at http://weightlossradio.libsyn.com/index.php?post_id=183683

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Dr. Fitness Wishes You A Happy Valentine's Day!!!!!

Valentine's Day is a good excuse to eat lots of chocolate. I celebrated V-day by giving my patients dark chocolate hershey kisses. I hope all our listeners and going out tonight to celebrate with their loved ones and eat a huge meal and burn it off with a great big workout...whatever that means!!!!! just check your heart rate to see if you are in the fat burn zone!!!!

We had an awesome show on Sunday night with awesome guests. First, we had Renee with a great weight loss supportive blog www.fatfighterblogs.com She has a really cool blog and has done a great job of capturing the "real" daily struggles with weight loss and staying compliant to exercise and was also written up in Oprah Magazine. We loved having in the studio and look forward to catching up with her in a couple of weeks to see how her weight loss is going. I offered my "skills" to help her out as well as a "Biotrainer"(www.Biotrainerusa.com) and our book "You can't lose weight alone: The partner power weightloss program."

We also had the wonderful Tamilee Webb, The one and only "Buns of Steele." She was a load of fun and she shared lots of her stories on how she got into shooting exercise videos and all the great things she is currently doing!!!! You can find her great videos and at www.tamileewebb.com or www.webbworkout.com. She is also doing a "Fitness Cruise to Hawaii in September and is also doing online meals from her web site. So definitely go check her out!!!!!

Make sure to check out our radio show every sunday live from 7 - 8 pm!!!!!

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Dr. Fitness Party's with Gina Lombardi, Kirstie Alley, and Kevin James!!

Well, not really but our very sexy special guest, Gina Lombardi, host of FitTV's "FitNation," and relative of the great Vince Lombardi, gave us the skinny on her favorite personal training clients. She was so fantastic to give up her Super Bowl Sunday to come on our show. Listen to what she said about Jose Canseco, and you must check out her TV show on the Discovery Channel. Check her out on www.GinaLombardi.com as well!!!

We also had the very lovely Annette Hudson, personal trainer extraordinaire and creator of the Fit America Contest where you can win prizes valued up to $50,000 while losing weight. She has a great web site www.Myfitnesstrainer.com and go to www.FitAmericacontest.com and sign up for the contest goes until the end of February. I tried to get the "fat guy" to sign up and see if we can rig it to win all the prizes!!!

I also want to wish our very special friend, Beth Aldrich, host of the awesome TV show "For Her Information," a very speedy recovery!! She was in a car accident and scratched up her pretty face and broke some bones. Get Well Soon!!!!

We still have a couple of "Biotrainers" left to give away to our listeners. Please send us your inspiring story or why you love "The Dr. Fitness and the Fat Guy Show" so much!!! You probably have a better shot if you tell us how much you love the show!!!