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Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Monday Doesn't Have To Mean Deprivation!!!!

Here is a great article by Brian Wansink, Ph.D., author of "Mindless Eating— Why We Eat More Than We Think," and director of the Cornell Food and Brand Lab. If you are a mom with a couple of kids and trying to lose 15 pounds while trying to keep the kids eating healthy, read this article and put his well-researched tips into practice!!!! http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/16472344/

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

"The Fat Guy"(Lee Kantor) Gets Energetic Healing Over The Phone!

Great show on Sunday night! We had on energetic healer/massage therapist Sheri Gilburth From Atlanta on our show and she told The Fat Guy that she could heal him over the phone. Now that's one hell of a massage.

We also had on Dr. Tanya Patrice, a food chemist, and founder of a great Blog www.IAteAPie.net with great nutrition and product information on the latest and newest healthy foods on the market. If you also want a great place to find great coupons for these healthy products, you should go and check it out!!!! She was absolutely great and very entertaining. If you want to try and win a Free Biotrainer, write us your favorite weightloss tip. Check out their web site at www.biotrainerusa.com

Monday, January 22, 2007

Dr. Fitness Labels Chateau Elan as "Atlanta's Best Kept Secret"

What a weekend! I just returned to Huntsville, AL after an absolutely wonderful weekend at Chateau Elan, just 40 quick minutes from downtown Atlanta. I took my beautiful girlfriend, Nanci, to the Spa at Chateau Elan for her birthday. Yes, Dr. Fitness knows how take care of his lady!!! Go to their website www.ChateauElan.com to see how beautiful it looks because the property is breathtaking. You really feel like you are at a French Chateau!!! So much to do there....Golf, Tennis, Winery, Fine Dining, Spa, Equestrian Park, and much more!!!! We stayed in the Spa and they have the coolest "theme" rooms which are unbelievably decorated. Our room, The Bachus Room, had a huge jacuzzi tub. You can see all the different rooms online at their website. The Spa Director, Michelle-Ufer Herrold, joined us on "The Dr. Fitness and the Fat Guy Show" last night for a very entertaining interview and to tell us more about the entire Spa and property and also mentioned some great Valentines Day Packages for all our romantic listeners. Big thumbs up....a must see and stay if you visit or live in Atlanta.

Fran Powell, President of Newmark, Inc and makers of The Painmaster Patch, an extremely portable, Microcurrent therapy device, for people dealing with chronic musculoskeletal pain, also joined us for a very enjoyable, informative segment on this new product. I have been "secretly" testing it on my patients and they have loved it. I say secretly as a joke only because microcurrent therapy is a designed so that you don't feel it. It is really the only therapy out there that directly aids in tissue repair. Check out there website at www.Painmasterpatch.com and all of my doctor friends and physical therapists can drop an email to chris@painmasterproducts.com for a sample to use on your patients. Just tell em "Dr. Fitness" sent you!!!! I love the product and you can wear it while you sleep or while you work!!! Thanks Fran for not hanging up on me when I thought Fran was a female name until the Fat Guy reminded me of the great Fran Tarkenton!!!!

Our final guest last night was also awesome, Vicki Sorenson, the creator of the game, The Fitness Challenge. She was very lively and lots of fun to talk to!!! You can pick it up at Borders, Amazon.com, or go order from the web site at www.Fitnesschallenge.com Vicki Sorensen, a software sales professional, thought up The Fitness Challenge as a way for her and her fiancé to shed some pounds and get in shape for their wedding. “We all know that physical fitness is a necessity for keeping the pounds off and maintaining our overall health and well-being,” she said. “But many of us don’t have the same internal drive to exercise that Lance Armstrong has. The Fitness Challenge provides that motivation.” So me, the Fat Guy, and our new hot buddy Kathie Larkin, www.getkathie.com, who joined us in the studio last night, are all gonna play. I wanna kick their butts!!!!

Remember to watch the Australian Open on ESPN even though our buddy, Brad Gilbert's boy, Andy Murray, lost a touch match to Rafael Nadal in 5 sets!!!! Watch Andy win a slam this summer, Dr. Fitness Guarantees it!!!!!!

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Angelina Jolie Watches Dr. Fitness On T.V.?

Yeah, In my dreams.....but she could catch me every tuesday on ABC's Channel 31 WAAY-TV in Huntsville, Alabama answering questions live on Diet, Fitness, and Health. You can also go to www.waaytv.com on Tuesdays and catch the mid-morning segment. I love the erectile dysfunction questions and the questions about small growths on the privates. I feel like saying "Dude, exercise questions, please." Only Angelina can ask those questions. Super Hottie Actress, Model, Fitness Trainer, Kathie Larkin, www.getkathie.com will join us in the studio this Sunday. She is the host of "Real Moms, Real Stories, Real Savvy" on PBS. I am so psyched!!! Check out www.Adidas.com One of the coolest products to come out is the Polar HR Sensor Clothing in Conjunction with Polar HR monitors. The clothing actually has the sensors built in to the clothing. I love that stuff!!!! Very Stylish as well!!!!

Monday, January 15, 2007

What Does Nicole Ritchie, The Olsen Twins, Dr. Fitness and the Fat Guy And The Remuda Ranch Have In Common?

Good Question!!! We interviewed Juliet Zuercher, R.D. and the Director of Nutrition Services for The Remuda Ranch in Arizona, which specializes in programs for eating disorders on our show last night. Boy, did she have a lot of good advice for parents!!!!! I found it quite amazing how much of an impact parents can have on kids developing eating disorders. The price of all of those #1 Lionel Ritchie hits!!!! We also discussed the growing prevalence of eating disorders in men, women, and even people who do radio shows!!!!! To find out more about the incredible programs at The Remuda Ranch, check out their website at www.remudaranch.com

Linda Spangle, a weight-management specialist recognized nationally as a leading authority on emotional eating and other psychological issues of weight management also joined us last evening for an enjoyable segment on "Emotional Eating." Check out her web site at www.rapidwtloss.com If you want to find out why you possibly crave sweets, crunchy food, and salty things, you have to listen to the show!!! She also wrote a great book, "100 Days of Weight Loss." If you live in Denver, Colorado you can also check out her center, Weight Loss for Life, a healthy lifestyles coaching and training program.

A big congrats to hottie guest, nutritionist, and now author, Lisa Drayer, for releasing her new book, "Strong, Slim, and 30, Eat Right, Stay Young, Feel Great, And Look Fabulous"

Congratulations to "The Fat Guys" sister, Julie, and her new husband, Blake, for getting married over the weekend. Mazel Tov!!!!! I heard the food was great and I hope the fat guy brought me back some of it!!!

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Happy New Year To All Of Our Listeners!!!!!

Thanks everyone for making 2006 such a great year for "Dr. Fitness and the Fat Guy." 2007 will be even bigger for our show thanks for all of your support and comments that help make our show better. This is my first blog of 2007 and will try to make my blogs more frequent and fun!!! I had an interesting workout today as I was befriended by a Wildcat while running in Huntville, Alabama on their Greenway, which is a paved path thru the woods about 2 miles long .....I didn't even know what the hell a Wildcat looked like. I have heard of the "Kentucky Wildcats" but never thought much of the name. They look like a......big cat....longer legs....I thought it was a dog. Just last week, on the same path, I saw a coyote. I am waiting for Jack Hanna to come flying out of the woods with a camera. Anyway, I bring this up for my running friends to be safe, especially the women. Stay safe, bring mace, or some device to protect you when you are running in secluded areas. Check out this device that I think is pretty cool called a biotrainer, which is an accellerometer....measures motions and calculates calories expended for all different activities you may do. It is not a pedomenter so go to the front page of our website to learn more about it.....Check out our radio show this week and we have some cool guests like.....Linda Spangle Author of 100 Days of Weight Loss and we also have Juliet Zuercher, RD who is the Director of Nutrition Services at the Remuda Ranch. Plus tons of laughs and giggles as the Fat Guy's Sister gets married this weekend in Florida and listen to Dr. Fitness describe his fondness of running with wildlife!!!!!!!