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Thursday, August 30, 2007

Finding Tranquility In A Swimming Pool!!

I try to start every day before work with a little swim....nothing major like laps or a stop watch timing me....just easy floating, a couple of underwater flips and I feel like a million bucks. There is something so therapeutic about water. I read this story from CNN and it seems like some of the more lucky citizens of Iraq feel the same way about swimming but probably because it represents a temporary escape from the war-torn region. Read Further about this story!

Against the dust-colored, dreary Baghdad skyline, the bright colors of this social club glitter almost unnaturally. The turquoise water of the swimming pool jumps out at you along with the bright, rainbow-like colors of swimming trunks, towels and inner tubes.

It's an illusion of normalcy, carefully guarded from the horrors of the streets of Baghdad.

Here, boys cannonball into the water; young girls sit along the edge of the pool in tight jeans and fashionable flowing summer tops; and parents relax in their chairs.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Don't Miss Two Fabulous Authors and Eating Well Magazine!

Don't miss three lovely guests....Dr. Melina Jampolis, author of "The No Time To Lose Diet" and Esther Blum, author of "Eat, Drink, And Be Gorgeous." You have probably seen them both on T.V. Dr. Melina has appeared on Regis and Kelly and Esther has been on "The Isaac Mizrahi Show."
Nicci Micco, Senior Editor for Eating Well Magazine, one of Dr. Fitness and The Fat Guy's favorite magazine, will join us to talk about a wonderful article on "Food Allergies" in September's issue!

Monday, August 27, 2007

T-Tapp Your Way To Better Fitness! Dr. Judith Beck Has The Beck Diet Solution!

I'd like to give a very special shout out to Bertha from Georgia... she is this week's winner of a great exercise DVD. She sent in a very kind email saying how much she has enjoyed the show Great job Bertha, keep up the good work and anyone else who wants to win a free exercise dvd please blog about us and email us your weight loss story.

The Fat Guy has been bringing his "A" game to the show....He made me laugh!!!! and laughing burns calories!!!! The lovely Tiffany Davis, Atlanta editor for DailyCandy.com, joined us in the studio again for another fantastic segment on activities you can do that do not feel like exercise plus home spa tips.
On Thursday's show, the very beautiful Teresa Tapp joined us with an innovative copyrighted series of movements that will help you lose inches without weights, equipment or jumping called T-Tapp. Teresa has a book called "Fit and Fabulous in 15 Minutes" as well as dvds and an information packed website. Please go to her website www.t-tapp.com and you will find all her stuff plus: contests, a ton of testimonials, amazing before and after pictures and a directory of certified T-Tapp trainers and a whole bunch more....She told us how she developed her amazing techniques while working with top models in Europe. I'm talking Claudia Schiffer and others. Remember models really don't care what they weigh as much as how they fit into their clothes. So Teresa's T-Tapp is very comprehensive in delivering fat loss, weight loss and inch loss as well as increasing your overall heath, energy and fitness. You don't have to be superfit to do her technique in fact she had Dr Fitness and the Fat Guy doing some of the exercises on the air. She was talking us through it and the Fat Guy almost did it. I wish we had a webcam so you could have seen it. I can't wait to get my hands on Teresa's DVD...my new crush!!!!

And if that wasn't enough, you listeners were lucky enough to hear the brilliant Dr. Judith Beck, author of "The Beck Diet Solution," which is rocketing up the bestseller lists. Dr Beck has been appearing everywhere, in fact, when I got home from the show, I opened my Health magazine and there she was in there. Well Dr Beck is an authority in cognitive therapy and she uses those techniques to help people lose weight. This book is a MUST READ on Dr. Fitness' Top Weight Loss Books. Go to her website www.beckdietsolution.com for great downloads you can use today, information on her book "The Beck Diet Solution" and her new workbook that is coming out soon as well as info on Dr Judith Beck herself, there's also a blog. It's worth your time. I was blown away by how helpful this book is and I give it 2 Big Thumbs Up!

We love our Daily Candy and we were lucky enough to have Tiffany Davis from The Daily Candy in our studio...I even included a picture of her!!!! Tiffany leads a life that everyone should be jealous of...I know I am. It is her job to discover the hippest places, the finest restaurants and the coolest clubs. It's not easy being her. Tonight, Tiffany shared some places you could go in Atlanta to get an unconventional workout. We talked about kickball leagues, we talked about rock climbing centers we even talked about pole dancing and stiletto heel workouts. There were a lot of laughs and a lot of great info. If you are one of few remaining women who don't subscribe to Daily Candy then hop to it ... go to www.DailyCandy.com and sign yourself up. They have city centered issues in a lot of big cities, they have special kid issues and more.

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Wanna Get Paid For Losing Weight? Move To Italy!!

Gianluca Buonanno, the mayor of Varallo, a town of 7,500 in northern Italy, wanted to lose some weight. In the process of losing weight, he came up with the idea of motivating his town's citizens to lose weight with a little cash incentive!!!! Now Italy is not known for it's honorable government officials and I can just see this thing get out of hand with patients bribing doctors to say hey, write me down for losing 20 pounds and we will split the profit!!!! I give him credit for trying!!!!
Read the rest of the story!
"We wanted to encourage people to lose weight, and we thought that both the money and the idea of joining a group could be stimulating,'' Buonanno said in a telephone interview Thursday.

The town's offer is the latest effort by public officials and employers to encourage people to exercise and trim their weight. Earlier this summer, a Baltimore company sponsored a weight-loss contest to motivate its employees.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Don't Miss The Beck Diet Solution, T-Tapp, and Get Some Daily Candy!!!!

Don't Miss This Show On Thursday August 23rd, which is also my brother's birthday(Happy Birthday Stu!!!!!I hope you catch our show live....or podcast....but we are bringing in some heavy hitter tomorrow night with another fantastic installment of Daily Candy's Atlanta editor, Tiffany Davis. Don't miss her fantastic tips on exercises and activities that don't feel like exercise plus much more....plus Dr. Judith Beck, author of "The Beck Diet Solution." She's going to help train your brain to think like a thin person. The Fat Guy should love this....and we also have the very lovely Teresa Tapp,inventor of T-Tapp, which is a series of sequential movements designed to put the body in proper functional alignment. Its special sequence of comprehensive, compound muscle movement helps establish better alignment as well as increased strength and flexibility of the spine.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Can Text Messaging Help You Lose Weight?

I typically use text messaging solely for my sweetheart, Nanci, to tell her how much I love her. Apparently, there are other ways text messaging is helping others outside the romance department. Researchers from UC San Diego’s School of Medicine PACE (Patient-centered Assessment and Counseling for Exercise and Nutrition) project will launch their first text-related weight loss program, called mDIET, this fall. The 16-week study is funded by a $200,000 grant from the National Institutes of Health and will follow 60 adults, ages 25 to 55, who are overweight or mildly obese.

Reaching for that extra cookie sounds like a good idea, but then your cell phone rings. “How many servings of fruits and vegetables have you had today?” the text reads. Despite text messaging’s growing use among cell phone owners, few studies have been done regarding how texts can be used to combat addiction to food or tobacco.

Friday, August 17, 2007

Social Diva, Peg Samuel, Sweet Susi May More Sweet Than Sucralose, and J.R. Loses 44 lbs. Playing With His "Wii"

Last night, I saw the future of fitness, and his name is J.R. Cook....or is it the "Wii".....Nintendo's answer to childhood obesity. J.R. was one of our guests who lost 44 pounds by exercising with a Nintendo Wii video game. He's trying to lose 80 pounds so he's half way there. So please go to www.WiiWeightLossPlan.com and check in on him and give him some encouragement to reach his goal. Between the Wii Sports and another game called "Dance, Dance, Revolution," which incorporates dance steps, we are leveling the playing field of obesity and giving kids more activities utilizing computers to become more active! I always hear my friends say how kids do not play outside like we did when we were kids and that is why they are overweight....Well my friends, this is a different era and we need more things like these games to keep kids active!!!!

Social Diva and Hottie Peg Samuel joined us from L.A....as she was walking into Versace on Rodeo Drive. Peg is the founder and president of SocialDiva.com,a website that keeps you in the know about what to do and where to go.
They personally approve the events or promotions to be diva worthy, and they will only send you info about the events that we would attend ourselves...like the best yoga class in Atlanta, London, Miami, and New York....or Peg would say "New Yawk"....if you are health conscious, sign up for their awesome free newsletter!!!! You will be hearing a lot more from SocialDiva.com on our show!!!!

And what would Dr Fitness and the Fat Guy show be without Sweet Susi May, the brilliant and beautiful editor of FitSugar.com Susi shared lots of tips tonight. She had tips about about gym etiquette, she explained the importance of stretching, she even gave away the 4 most important things you should be doing everyday if you want to live a long life and most importantly she told our listeners an easy way to win a brand new FREE Polar F11 Heart Rate Monitor. If you want a chance to win the Polar Heart Rate monitor all you have to do is go to Fit Sugar and comment on one of the gazillion blog posts they have on the site and you will be entered to win. I think that's what she said, she talks fast so go to www.FitSugar.com for the exact rules.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Don't Miss Social Diva, Peg Samuel, and Learn How J.R. Lost 44 pounds playing Nintendo Wii

Don't miss tonight's show....or you may gain a pound!!!! We have Peg Samuel, President and Founder of SocialDiva.com a fantastic website that keeps you in the know about what to do and where to go, especially how it relates to health and fitness. They personally approve the events or promotions to be diva worthy! Also J.R. talks about wiiweightlossplan.com and how he lost 44 pounds playing.....VIDEO GAMES!!!!!
We also have another installment of Fitsugar.com's very own, Sweet Susi May and she is going to share more great exercise and Fitness information just for you!!!!!

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Dr. Fitness Gives Two Big Thumbs Up For "My Big Fat Greek Diet" & Fresh N' Fit Cuisine!!!

There is nothing like getting fed like rock stars before going live on air!!!! Tonight we were lucky to have Penny Fry, the Operations Manager and Brent McIntire, the Executive Chef of Fresh 'N Fit Cuisine in the studio with us. And it was a party, they brought tons of food for everyone at the station. They fed me Honduran Tilapia until I grew gills. The Fat Guy was up to his usual tricks by not eating anything and taking home "everything"....It's his little ploy to get more food.....but he didn't fool me!!!!And for all of our listeners who didn't get a chance to eat with us,you will get a very special treat listening to our interview with my new pal and author of "My Big Fat Greek Diet," Dr. Nick Yphantides. If you can't pronounce Dr. Nick's last name (ee-fun-tee-dees) just call him Dr. Nick or Nicky Baby....maybe just stick with Dr. Nick!!! Talk about a transformation, Dr. Yphantides lost close to 300 pounds and more importantly, has kept it off for over 6 years. You don't want to miss his interview!!I have a good feeling you will be hearing more of Dr. Nick on our show!!

Imagine each day having fresh, healthy, delicious food ready for you to eat already portioned in the proper amounts you need to lose weight. If you choose Fresh 'n Fit Cuisine you can forget about counting calories forever. They do it for you each and every day. So whether you are trying to lose weight or just maintain a healthy lifestyle and are too busy to deal with food you should definitely check out Fresh 'N Fit Cuisine. These guys are only in Georgia but who knows, soon they might be near you. So all you Georgians go to www.freshnfitcuisine.com or call 678-208-0341 and try them for a week. It will change your life.

On the back cover of "My Big Fat Greek Diet," Dr Nick Yphantides writes... You have to change the way you see, before you change the way you look...words to live by...The thing I love most about Dr. Nick's book is the fact that he focuses on creating support and accountability...He does it in a spiritual way and he has great stories to share as well as a compelling journey.

Dr Nick shared his story about how he went from being the fattest doctor in America to losing almost 300 pounds without surgery. You've got to hear Dr Nick's story, it has everything, it has baseball for the guys, it's got romance for the ladies and it's got drama and inspiration for anyone who is struggling with their weight and has that feeling of hopelessness about them. If Dr Nick can do this so can you. Please go to his website www.mybigfatgreekdiet.com and check out his book. And also check out www.healthsteward.com where Dr Nick teaches you the importance of changing the way you see first, in order for you to then change the way you look.

Friday, August 03, 2007

If Only Lindsay Lohan Had Some FitSugar and CrunchGear...Gary Marino Marches On and Learn Lisa Delaney's Secrets Of A Former Fat Girl!

Could you imagine having any more fun on Thurday evenings than listening to Dr. Fitness and The Fat Guy? I didn't think so and this past show proves why!!!! Sweet Susi May, editor of Fitsugar.com dropped in again for another great segment. So did Gary Marino, author of "Big & Tall Chronicles: Misadventures of a Lifelong Food Addict," and the star of the soon to be released "Million Calorie March: The Movie." Peter Ha, writer for an amazing web site called CrunchGear.com also made an appearance and so did another great writer, Lisa Delaney, author of "Secrets of a Former Fat Girl."

Susi had some awesome info about fitness gear for the summer, how to make the most out of your time at the gym, common kitchen myths....like is spinach safe to eat out of the bag?....and can skipping your workouts make you moody?....Great stuff and you can hear all about on the show and you can also read about it daily at FITSUGAR.COM

My Northern Buddy, Gary Marino, called in to tell us about his great book "Big & Tall Chronicles: Misadventures of a Lifelong Food Addict," and his mission to help fight obesity. He has gone from being a 397 pound hopeless food addict to a nearly svelte 240 pound healthy activist for change. Gary went on a Million Calorie March down the Eastern Seaboard in an effort to bring attention to the obesity crisis that is gripping America (especially our youth). He has raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for this cause and has helped inspire thousands of people to lose weight. I really enjoyed his book and can't waith to also see the movie version of the book "Million Calorie March: The Movie" will be released later this year at the Boston Film Festival. For more information on Gary and all the things he's up to check out his website www.millioncaloriemarch.com

Peter Ha, writer from CRUNCHGEAR.COM was also very entertaining!Part of Michael Arrington's web empire, Peter updated us on what is the latest gadgets for marathon training and getting more enjoyment out of outdoor activities. There is a new watch that counts calories, a new accessory for the Wii and a bunch more stuff that you should know about. To learn more about CrunchGear and subscribe to their blog go to www.CrunchGear.com. CrunchGear doesn't always have fitness gear there (that's why the Fat Guy likes it) but it is the place where the Fat Guy finds out about all the latest gadgets and computer stuff.

Lastly,Lisa Delaney, Health magazine editor who went from 185 pounds to a size two and kept it off for nearly 20 years using similar methods. Her book,"Secrets of a Former Fat Girl," is a top seller on Amazon and she shared lots of weight loss tips from her inspiring memoir tonight. She encouraged overweight women to keep their weight loss attempt a secret because of the people who will try and undermine you. A lot of time your family members will try and sabotage you by teasing you or overly scrutinizing your food choices so you have got to be ready for that. She also told our listeners what it was like when she hit rock bottom and what she did to transform herself from a fat girl to an avid marathon runner. You can get more information about Lisa, her book and her great blog at www.formerfatgirl.com

Don't forget about this week's show when we talk to Dr. Nick Yphantides,author of "My Big Fat Greek Diet," www.mybigfatgreekdiet.com, Brent McIntire and Penny Fry with Fresh 'n Fit Cuisine.

Thursday, August 02, 2007

How Bout Some Daily Candy And Bikini Boot Camp!!!

Talk about action packed!!!! We had 5 guests on last night....a Dr. Fitness and The Fat Guy World Record!!!!! They were all great and Tiffany Davis, Atlanta editor for the Daily Candy joined us in-studio and was absolutely awesome....not to mention very easy on the eyes!!! Between her and our co-host, Kathie Larkin, and the Fat Guy...scratch the Fat Guy!!!!!nonetheless, lots of pretty people!!!

Everyday, the DailyCandy.com delivers the "Insiders Guide To What's Hot, New and Undiscovered" straight into your email inbox. Since 2000 Daily Candy has been the internet's official guide to what is hip and new. They have well over 2.5 million subscribers each day. Their newsletter focuses on Arts & Culture, Beauty, Service, Fun, Fashion and Drinks & Food. Tiffany gave fellow Atlantans some great tips on the latest and greatest restaurants around town where you can get the freshest vegetables and fruits, vegan soul food, or healthy drinks or even play kickball. Poor Tiffany has to spend her nights exploring Atlanta in order to give her friends and readers the scoop on what is the next up and coming super find. You better listen to Tiffany's segment with a pencil and paper handy because she gives out some great websites and resources if you want to stay fit in Atlanta.

Erica Gragg, the co-founder of Amansala the eco chic resort in Tulum, Mexico and creator of the one and only, original "Bikini Bootcamp" in Mexico as well as the brand new bestselling "Bikini Bootcamp" book. Erica said that Amansala is a destination where "people (mostly women and limited to 25 at a time) renew themselves and focus on getting fit spiritually as well as physically." She took our listeners through a typical day at Amansala where you do things like walk on the secluded beach, enjoy massages, explore Mayan ruins, and eat the freshest fish and veggies you can imagine. So if you are interested in a healthy vacation where you can get away from it all and drop a few pounds then you better check out Amansala. For more information please go to Erica's website www.amansala.com

With Daily Candy you can be the ultimate insider and now what is hot before everyone else. Please go to their website www.dailycandy.com and subscribe right now. You'll love it, I know my wife does!
Jessica Myers from Garmin(the GPS folks)came on to discuss a new Garmin product - the "Forerunner 305" that combines a watch with a heart rate monitor and a gps device. This amazing watch tracks your every move while you run or play sports. You can see your heart rate and your exact running course. Dr Fitness absolutely loved it. He had it on while he played soccer and realized he doesn't run anywhere near the amount he thought he did. It also works with software that lets you track your progress and it even interacts with Google Earth. Please go to www.garmin.com to get more information on this amazing device .

We also had on Hottie Katalin Rodriguez-Ogren who is Chicago's favorite Martial Artist. Katalin has been featured in Shape, Allure, Self, Instyle, and about a million other places. She has also been recently voted one of America's top trainers. She is the owner of POW! Martial Arts and Fitness in downtown Chicago. She teaches a mixed martial arts program that she promises you will never get tired of. She has a variety of dvds and training materials like "Martial Athletics Flex Don't Stretch" and Cardio Target Training, on her website www.exercisedvds.com You won't find anyone as passionate and knowledgeable about the benefits of martial arts than Katalin - check her out.

And last but certainly not least we had on Rodney Moses all the way from Australia calling in to tell us about his great new website FatSecret.com Fat Secret has been signing up about 1000 members a week to their vibrant active community. This a totally FREE website where members share their actual experiences with the various diets that are out there. This is a place you can read true stories of users of diets like South Beach, Atkins, Fat Smash, etc. You'll see recipes that they love and read the good, the bad and the ugly about these diets. This way you can kind of see what to expect if you go on them. And if you do try one of them you will have a built in support group of people who are also on the diets sharing what works and what doesn't. Please go their website www.fatsecret.com to sign up.

I had some wellness tips in his latest installment of ...Dr Fitness' "Things You Can Do Today" series. Tonight it was How To Avoid A Migraine Headache. Here are a few of Dr. Fitness' tips on how to avoid a migraine. Number 1, start a headache journal where you track when and where you are when the headache started. Number 2, pay close attention to what you were eating or drinking just prior to the headache coming on. And Number 3, check the time of day the headaches occur. The Fat Guy noticed he would begin getting a headache the moment Dr Fitness started talking. He had a few more tips and he gave lots more detail in these tips but you'll have to listen to get them.

Don't forget this week's show as the spotlight will be on Lovely Lisa Delaney, Author of Secrets Of A Former Fat Girl, Gary Marino, Author of "The Big and Tall Chronicles, Misadventures of a Lifelong Food Addict! and Movie Star of The Million Calorie March(www.millioncaloriemarch.com), Peter Ha, editor for the awesome website www.CrunchGear.com and the very lovely SWEET SUSI MAY is back with another installment from Fitsugar.com